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What’s cupping?

Wondering what those purple circles on swimmer Michael Phelps’ back and shoulders were? The “culprit” was none other than CUPPING – a type of therapy in which specialized glass cups are placed on the skin to create powerful suctions that promote blood flow to help stimulate your problem areas.

The technique of cupping dates back to Ancient Egypt, Middle Eastern and, most famously, Chinese cultures. In cupping, either heat or a rubber pump is used to create a vacuum inside the cup as to initiate the suction between the cup and skin. Luckily for you, the relatively painless suction – some even say soothing! – only last a couple minutes while the benefits are numerous: in drawing blood to the affected area, cupping is extremely effective in precisely targeting soreness and in speeding up the healing process of fatigued/over-worked muscles.

Cupping is typically combined with massage or acupuncture to make the most of its benefits. If you have muscle tension and would like to target a specific area or are looking for a much-deserved moment of relaxation that you’ll be feeling the benefits of for weeks afterward, book a massage appointment with our long-time cupping specialist RMT Alex! At no extra charge to the usual massage rates, be sure to specify with the receptionist that you want to book a cupping massage so that Alex can prepare the proper equipment for your convenience.

And don’t worry — the circles go away in just a matter of days! 🙂

Image Daily Mail UK