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Self-care, self-care!

Self-care is an important practice to help your body and mind cope with stress — and boy was January a stressful month! May it be the flu, New Years resolution health plans, or just life stress, the first month of 2017 has been demanding! Take the time to self-care and de-stress by treating yourself, or perhaps somebody you love, to a relaxing therapeutic massage with one of our many RMT’s.

Massage isn’t just something to do when you’ve already injured yourself: it has a host of benefits to your mental and overall physical well-being and can be your Valentines gift to your body. (Or better yet, somebody else’s Valentines gift to you – remind the loved ones in your life that gift cards are available at the front desk!) So whether you’re in need of some acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs to help squash that persistent cold once and for all, a chiropractic session to help align your body and get it working at its best, or a soothing massage for one or two, check us out this February for all your wellness needs!