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Patient Story 1: Eczema

As our second blog post I thought I would share my own personal story at DHC.  I will rewind to 2008, it was a cold winter and I was having this agonizing pain in my left shoulder.  As long as I remember it had always been there, but I had accepted for what it was.  After finishing up my degree and realizing that I probably shouldn’t be in this pain all time I thought it might be a good idea to visit my family doctor and see what was up.  She referred me to a physiotherapist due to structural pain in my left shoulder.  After two unsuccessful visits at another clinic I stumbled across DHC.  I had my initial assessment with Ron our physiotherapist and he went on to diagnose me with a 5mm length discrepancy in my left leg.  Why had no one ever told me this before?  He prescribed some custom orthotics and after about a few months my pain had virtually subsided.  Aside from my regular maintience visits with Ron my shoulder has been pain free.

For all my life I had suffered from really bad eczema.  I had tried virtually everything, cortisone cremes, moisturizers, special soaps, numerous visits to dermatologist and although there were minor improvements I was never able to rid of the pesky rash.  Ron, recommended that I see one of our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. Being skeptical I agreed to a visit.  I thought to myself, I have tried virtually everything else, this can’t hurt!  Not knowing anything about TCM I dove right in and started on a course of acupuncture treatments.  Combined with some herbal remedies it took about 3 to 4 months for my skin to improve and now almost 4 years later I am virtually eczema free.  Four years later I have learned what environmental factors may trigger my eczema and for the first time I am controlling the rash, not the rash controlling me. Of course this came with some hard work and dietary modification but by following the recommendations that Vu gave me after each consultation I have been effictively been able to control my eczema.  I will let pictures speak for themself.