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I don’t have a beauty routine!

When we think of health and beauty we often think, how can we treat the exterior part of our body.  What cream should we use?  What lotion should we apply?  What bath salt is going to help make my skin more vibrant?  All things that can have great impact on our beauty, but what about the internal?

Without sounding cliche, how about thinking about beauty from the inside out?  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when you harmonize the internal the external can benefit. In other words, whats going on externally can tell us whats happening inside.  Let’s pause, yep, nothing profound, but true.

Eating well is one way to do this along with acupuncture and medicinal herbs.  So when thinking about your next beauty routine, think about keeping those organs in harmony.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing the refined sugars, and more soup, are just a few tips to start you off!

Jully Black, Canada’s Queen of R&B, quotes on Breakfast Television,

“I don’t have a beauty regimen…Vu, taught me how to eat.”

I suppose thats the trick to keeping her skin vibrant along with her massive amounts of energy.  Thanks for the shoutout.  Congratulations on your new radio show!  Check out the spot below.