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Treat yourself with Traditional Chinese Medicine!

It’s getting to be that time again! With the cold weather here and the holidays around the corner, treat yourself to some pre-craziness preventative care! Between work, family, friends, and holiday celebrations, December can be a really busy month — one where self-care can often take a backseat to other obligations. Get your body ready for the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a  custom-made treatment of traditional Chinese herbs. Whether you’re looking for a digestive or immune system boost or a course of herbs to help regulate stress and hormone related issues, our expert Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners can help create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs this fall!

Spring has sprung!

With Spring in full effect don’t forget to pause and take time for yourself!

With services ranging from facials, to osteopathy, to acupuncture and massage, a DerryHealth Center gift certificate would be the perfect present for the loved ones in our lives who seem to forget to make quality time for themselves in between caring for the rest of us!

For the busy-bodies we love, DHC offers a variety of Isotonix vitamins and blends as well as helpful products such as Poster-Perfect bands and compression stockings to help ensure that they are taking care of their health both inside and outside of the treatment room. In the aftermath of all the family time and delicious food to come this weekend, make sure that the people you are love are loving themselves this season!

Spring is around the corner!

We’re turning the clocks ahead an hour this month for Daylight Savings, but there’s something you can do to make up for the lost hour! With spring just around the corner, help your body make up for lost time and put a spring in your step  with an energizing massage! 

Derry Health Center offers a variety of therapeutic massage techniques with RMT’s specializing in disciplines such as Thai Massage (a technique which blends massage with yoga and acupressure), Hot-Stone (perfect for treating aching muscles), Swedish Massage (wonderful for relaxation and general purposes) and Cupping (great for deep tissue massage and coupled with acupressure) among others! Seeing as how we can’t, as Cher laments, “turn back time”, the next best thing we can do for our bodies this time of the year is to use our time for the better! Give us a call and we’ll help pair you with the RMT and technique best suited for your needs this season!

Self-care, self-care!

Self-care is an important practice to help your body and mind cope with stress — and boy was January a stressful month! May it be the flu, New Years resolution health plans, or just life stress, the first month of 2017 has been demanding! Take the time to self-care and de-stress by treating yourself, or perhaps somebody you love, to a relaxing therapeutic massage with one of our many RMT’s.

Massage isn’t just something to do when you’ve already injured yourself: it has a host of benefits to your mental and overall physical well-being and can be your Valentines gift to your body. (Or better yet, somebody else’s Valentines gift to you – remind the loved ones in your life that gift cards are available at the front desk!) So whether you’re in need of some acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs to help squash that persistent cold once and for all, a chiropractic session to help align your body and get it working at its best, or a soothing massage for one or two, check us out this February for all your wellness needs!

Avoid a Sore back! Book with an RMT.

Winter weather has officially arrived, which unfortunately means it’s time to start shovelling snow. A sore back isn’t fun and you don’t want to be a Grinch this holiday season, so help yourself recover from this painful chore by getting a therapeutic massage from one of our experienced RMTs.  A therapeutic massage can also help prevent injuries and soreness before they happen, and are proven to help with joint mobility, increase circulation and reduce muscular tension.

Still searching for that perfect present for a loved one? Avoid the hassle of browsing at busy malls and purchase one of our gift certificates. The gift certificates can be used for any of our great services, including acupuncture, physiotherapy or to get chiropractic treatment. All of which are a great way to improve health and well-being as we near toward the end of another year!

Be Well With Naturopathy!

With the change in the weather, help your body adjust to the cold and greying skies in a more natural way. Naturopathic medicine uses natural, holistic approaches to treat any condition to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary care that addresses the root cause of illness or disease and promotes health and healing using natural therapies. It supports the body’s own healing ability using an integrated approach to disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention that spans mediums such as herbal medicine, lifestyle/nutrition counselling, homeopathic medicine, etc.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) maintain that an expansive individualized approach to treatment is best: by understanding the unique physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors that contribute to illness, and emphasis is placed on customizing treatment protocols to the patient. Naturopathy targets not only treatment, but prevention and a more holistic support of the body’s healing capacities overall: partnering with a ND in order to assess risk factors and recognize/remove obstacles to your body’s unique self-healing processes and needs can be a valuable component of any long-term health plan. From short-term problems such as flus and acne to more long-term issues such as digestive problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, eczema, addiction, and depression, our ND Anne can help you address your health issues and get your body operating at its fullest!

Time For An Adjustment!

With the warmer weather gearing down, chiropractic can be a great tool in preparing your body for the fall weather! A chiropractor’s approach is to diagnose, treat and prevent disorders related to the spine and joints as well as the central nervous system.

In Ontario alone, over 2 million people rely on a chiropractor to give them the support and relief they need to live healthy, active lives. Chiropractic focuses on the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to relieve stiffness, restore motion to joints, and target chronic pain. From sports injuries, to lower back and neck pain, to arthritis, chiropractic care offers a non-invasive method of realigning and rehabilitating your body back to its full capacity.

Whether you’re coming in for a monthly adjustment or have a specific injury you need addressed, our chiropractor Dr. Alan Starcevic can devise a treatment plan to help get your body feeling its best and functioning at full strength!

What’s cupping?

Wondering what those purple circles on swimmer Michael Phelps’ back and shoulders were? The “culprit” was none other than CUPPING – a type of therapy in which specialized glass cups are placed on the skin to create powerful suctions that promote blood flow to help stimulate your problem areas.

The technique of cupping dates back to Ancient Egypt, Middle Eastern and, most famously, Chinese cultures. In cupping, either heat or a rubber pump is used to create a vacuum inside the cup as to initiate the suction between the cup and skin. Luckily for you, the relatively painless suction – some even say soothing! – only last a couple minutes while the benefits are numerous: in drawing blood to the affected area, cupping is extremely effective in precisely targeting soreness and in speeding up the healing process of fatigued/over-worked muscles.

Cupping is typically combined with massage or acupuncture to make the most of its benefits. If you have muscle tension and would like to target a specific area or are looking for a much-deserved moment of relaxation that you’ll be feeling the benefits of for weeks afterward, book a massage appointment with our long-time cupping specialist RMT Alex! At no extra charge to the usual massage rates, be sure to specify with the receptionist that you want to book a cupping massage so that Alex can prepare the proper equipment for your convenience.

And don’t worry — the circles go away in just a matter of days! 🙂

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Spring into Spring with a Rejuvenating Therapeutic Massage

Shake off your winter rust this spring with a rejuvenating therapeutic massage! Whether you are in need of  a moment of relaxation or relief from muscle tension/chronic pain, our experienced RMT’s can help devise a treatment plan tailored to your problem areas.

In addition to being a holistic, natural treatment for both physical and emotional stress, therapeutic massage is a wonderful way to help your body function at its peak as we all become more active with the warm weather! More than just a treatment for existing injuries, massage is a vital part of a preventative, pro-active care program. Proven to improve joint mobility, bolster circulation, reduce muscular tension, and treat strains and sprains before they become more serious issues, therapeutic massage has an array of benefits to help us get to our healthiest and happiest selves this spring.

With a diversity of focuses ranging from sports injury to reflexology to hot-stone and cupping techniques, you’ll find your perfect fit in our team of RMT’s!

I don’t have a beauty routine!

When we think of health and beauty we often think, how can we treat the exterior part of our body.  What cream should we use?  What lotion should we apply?  What bath salt is going to help make my skin more vibrant?  All things that can have great impact on our beauty, but what about the internal?

Without sounding cliche, how about thinking about beauty from the inside out?  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when you harmonize the internal the external can benefit. In other words, whats going on externally can tell us whats happening inside.  Let’s pause, yep, nothing profound, but true.

Eating well is one way to do this along with acupuncture and medicinal herbs.  So when thinking about your next beauty routine, think about keeping those organs in harmony.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing the refined sugars, and more soup, are just a few tips to start you off!

Jully Black, Canada’s Queen of R&B, quotes on Breakfast Television,

“I don’t have a beauty regimen…Vu, taught me how to eat.”

I suppose thats the trick to keeping her skin vibrant along with her massive amounts of energy.  Thanks for the shoutout.  Congratulations on your new radio show!  Check out the spot below.